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We stock a variety of top quality childrens bikes from TREK and Byk to suit all ages.

All Childrens bikes purchased from Gran Prix Bicycles come fully assembled and ready to ride.
All bikes also include a minimum of 1 year warranty on everything and 1 year of servicing (comprises of three services) all at no charge.


Balance Bikes for 2-4 years


Bikes suitable for 2-4 years

Trek Jet 12
Trek Mystic 12
Byk E250 Girls Byk E250 Boys

Bikes Suitable for 4-7 years

Trek Mystic 16
Trek Jet 16
Byk e350 Girls Byk E350 Boys

20" Single geared bikes 7-10 years

Trek Mystic 20
Trek Jet 20
Byk e450 Girls
Byk e450 Boys

20" Geared Bikes 7-10 Years

Trek MT60 Girls Trek MT60 Boys  

24" Geared Bikes 9-12 years

Trek MT220 Girls