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ByK E-250L Balance Bike

The E-250L frame offers children who are still young and require a learner bike, but are slightly bigger in size. Compared to the E-200L, it has bigger wheels (same wheels that come standard on the E-250). The long wheelbase allows for more knee clearance, and more predictable handling. Added to these virtues is a Free XL seat post for bigger riders - it can easily be swapped over as the rider skills and confidence grow for a taller seat height and increased leg room. The adjustable saddle is ergonomically positioned on the bike to balance the rider's weight - making it safe and efficient.



The lightweight wheels help reduce rotating mass dramatically for ease of use and improved rider control and balance. Whilst our low-drag tyres further improve the rolling dynamics advantages of the E-250L. Less resistance from the wheels and superior ergonomics means pick-up to balance speed is easier to achieve - meaning your child will learn to ride sooner and more confidently.



The best brakes on the E-250L are the rider's feet!  It makes sense for the rider to slow down the same way they got started; it also makes sense to have handbrake control. The internal rear wheel-only roller brake is both functional and safe - well hidden from harms way. The brake lever is small and adjustable to fit even the smallest rider.

Byk E250L Coral

BYK E250L Red - $269

Byk E250L Coral

BYK E250L Coral - $269


BYK E250L Black - $269

Balance Bike   |   Ages: 3 - 5 years   |   83 - 104cm

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