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Electric MTB


Trek electric mountain bikes are stacked with smart tech that lets you see and do more. They ride like mountain bikes because they are mountain bikes, built on a legacy of frame and suspension tech that puts the rider first.

The world’s most user-friendly e-MTB

Trek sets the standard for user-friendliness in an e-MTB. These bikes are made to heighten your trail experience, not complicate it. Every piece of tech – from the Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) to the Bosch Purion controller – is smart, intuitive and easy to use.

Tool-Free Removal

With RIB, there are no tools, small parts or bolts to lose on the trail. You just turn the key and the battery pops out. The compact, one-piece design features an integrated handle that makes it easy to remove and carry your battery.

Driveside access

Most in-tube batteries drop out of the bottom of the down tube, where the filthy souvenirs from your ride collect. But Trek’s RIB system gives you easy driveside access, from the side facing up when you lay your bike on the trail.

Please contact us to check stock availability, and to find out more about these amazing bikes.

Trek Rail

Trek Rail

Trek Powerfly

Trek Powerfly

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