Cross Country


Trek's tech-loaded XC mountain bikes are the lightest, smartest bikes on the trail.
They give you the ultimate performance edge, so you can go as fast as your legs and heart will allow,
and come back grinning. Just point these race-ready rockets in the right direction and go.

Top Fuel


Top Fuel is a fast and light full-suspension XC mountain bike. This quick-handling ride is designed for speed and efficiency on singletrack and cross country trails, and it’s equipped with Trek-exclusive MTB tech that keeps you comfortable and in control when the trail gets rough. It’s a great choice for racers, long-distance riders and anyone who wants more traction and capability than a hardtail can offer without the weight of a full-on trail bike.



Supercaliber is a game-changing cross country mountain bike that’s fast, light and smooth through the rough stuff. Hardtails are efficient, full suspension bikes keep you in control, but only Supercaliber pairs the best parts of both.



In mountain biking's heyday, Procaliber was the envy of all other race bikes. Now it's back to rule the XC circuit once again, redefining the term 'hardtail' and setting the bar for speed and smarts.

Procaliber's IsoSpeed decoupler delivers uncompromising cross country performance, efficiency and an incredible ride feel. It's the fastest, smoothest, smartest hardtail on the trail.



X-Caliber is a cross country hardtail mountain bike built for speed, efficiency and quick handling on singletrack trails. It's great for new riders, XC racers and anyone who wants to cover a lot more trail in a lot less time.




Marlin is a trail-tough mountain bike that’s ready for any all-terrain adventure, whether you’re exploring the forest on a singletrack or navigating the urban jungle. It’s durable, versatile, easy to accessorise, and just as much at home on potholed city streets as on dirt.