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M30 Cranks


The M30 is White Industries robust aluminum mountain crank set for bikes with 73/92mm BB shells. The M30 crank set has been designed with a boxy frame to make it stronger and more resilient. Crafted out of 2024 aluminum allows you to worry less about dings and pedal strikes and more about the trail. All this comes together in a light weight, dependable crank. When looking for the right drivetrain you are able to choose from and swap to a wide range of gearing choices. The M30 is compatible with both our TSR 1x rings and VBC30 2x rings. Making sure where ever you ride we have the crank and gear solution for you.

Crank arm Material:
  • 2024 aluminum

Crank colors:
  • black anodized or silver polished

Extractor colors:
  • red, blue, pink, purple, black, silver, gold

Crank lengths:
  • 165mm,

  • 170mm,

  • 172.5mm,

  • 175mm,

  • 180mm


Designed for 73/92mm bottom bracket

  • 575g *

Chain line:
  • 1x: 49mm

  • 1x boost: 52mm

  • 2x: 47.5mm

Q factor:
  • 176mm

Compatible with:
  • single speed/1x TSR rings

  • VBC30 2x rings

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