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Keeping your pride and joy running smoothly...


Our mechanics love their job! They are passionate about cycling and bicycles, and will ensure that your machine is maintained in a pristine condition. We have a full workshop open five days a week, Monday through Friday. We are geared up to perform all your maintenance and repair needs. With all the specialist tools and parts required, our highly skilled and professional staff will solve all your mechanical issues.

General Bicycle Service
Full Bicycle Service
Premium Bicycle Service
General Service - $95*


We recommend this service at 6 month intervals - approximately 1.5 hours labour.


Service includes:

  • Clean bike frame

  • Adjust front and rear gears

  • Adjust front and rear brake

  • Lubricate chain and cables

  • Adjust all bearings

  • Check all nuts and bolts

  • General inspection of bike

Full Service - $175*


We recommend this service at 12 month intervals - approximately 3 hours labour.


Includes a General Service plus:

  • Front and rear wheels trued

  • Remove and degrease chain, cassette and crankset in our EcoSafe parts washer

  • Remove and regrease bottom bracket

Premium Service - $350*


We recommend this service at 24 month intervals - approximately 5 hours labour.


Includes a Full Service plus:

  • Complete disassembly to bare frame

  • Remove and grease headset bearings

  • Front and rear hub service

  • Wash and polish

*Parts not included.

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