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White Industries Bottom Brackets

JIS Square Taper Bottom Brackets


Functionality, simplicity, and longevity are the essential components to White Industries square taper bottom bracket design. The bottom bracket supports JIS square taper cranks and is available in either stainless steel or titanium spindles. Sealed cartridge bearings, and easy to adjust cups make repairs effortless.


Spindle Material:
  • stainless steel spindle or titanium spindle

Crank Interface:
  • JIS square taper

Bottom bracket compatibility
  • 68mm BSA

  • 73mm BSA

  • Two 6903

Spindle length:
  • 108mm

  • 113mm

  • 121mm

  • Stainless Steel

    • 108mm: 204g

    • 113mm: 212g

    • 121mm: 228g

  • Titanium

    • 108mm: 142g

    • 113mm: 149g

    • 121mm: 154g

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