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BSA Bottom Brackets


The BSA bottom brackets will keep your cranks spinning smoothly. They are made for multiple spindle configurations. Available in 24mm, 29mm, and 30mm spindle sizes. All of our bottom bracket cups are made with 6061 aluminum with angular contact stainless bearings.*

*29mm/DUB bottom brackets use radial ball bearings


Crank spindle compatibility:
  • 30mm spindle external

  • 29mm (DUB) spindle external

  • 24mm spindle external

Bottom bracket shell width compatibility:
  • 68mm

  • 73mm

  • 6806-2rs (30mm)

  • 6806/29-2rs (29mm DUB)

  • 2427-2rs (24mm)

  • Stainless Steel Bearings:   

    • 24mm Shimano: 85g

    • 29mm DUB: 90g

    • 30mm: 82g

  • XD Ceramic Bearings:

    • 24mm Shimano: 80g

    • 29mm DUB: 85g

    • 30mm: 77g

  • polished silver, black, blue, red, gold, pink, or purple

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