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White Industries Mi6 Hubs

Mi6 Hubs


The Mi6 is White Industries disc brake, six bolt specific hub. Designed to the ISO standard, this hubset will accept all major six bolt disc brake rotors.


The demanding nature of off-road riding requires a durable hubset that you can trust. The Mi6 hub design incorporates taller flanges resulting in a stronger wheel. The hubset comes stock as QR compatible, but for frames accommodating thru systems, the hubset can also be ordered with the beefy 15mm thru axle system on the front, and 12 x 142mm thru for the rear.


Also, another feature that is distinctive to the Mi6 is that the rotor mount is machined as part of the hub shell. The advantage of the integral rotor mount is a streamlined hub shell, and more importantly, the one piece shell is an intrinsically stronger component. The hubset is dependable, trustworthy, and smartly engineered.

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