XMR Hubs


The XMR hub set is White Industries newest IOS six bolt disc hub.
The demanding nature of off-road riding requires a durable hubset that you can trust. The XMR hub set has been created with the same reliability you've come to expect from White Industries components. Plus White Industries have upgraded the hub using the newest standardised technology and advancements in the industry. 


What is the same? The freehub body is still offered in 6-4 titanium, as it is the best, and most durable for this application. The drive system is still available for Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11, Campy 9/10/11 speed, and SRAM XD systems. 


What is new? XMR can be outfitted with a new high engagement ratchet system or with stock ratchet system. New colors: red, blue, gold, pink, purple, silver and black are now available. The hub is offered with QR or easy change out thru axle systems: 12mm thru or 15mm thru for the front, and 12x142mm for the rear. The XMR is the lightest ISO six bolt hub White Industries have ever offered, and yet, it is still durable enough to stand up to all your needs be it cross, road or mountain biking.