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White Industries VBC Chainrings

VBC17 Chainrings


The VBC17 is White Industries highly adaptable 2x chain ring set up for square taper cranks. VBC stands for Variable Bolt Circle which is what makes this chain ring design so unique. The Variable Bolt Circle is achieved by having slots on the outer chain ring so the bolts and ramps can slide along them allowing almost any VBC inner chain ring to attach to the outer ring (see the recommendations below). With an outer gear that ranges from 38-52 in even tooth increments, and an inner that ranges from 24-38 in even tooth increments, this chain ring set can be customized to whatever gear ratio works for you. Whether you are in the hills or riding the flats the VBC rings can be fitted to your perfect gear ratio’s   


Chainring Material: 
  • 7075 aluminum*

Crank compatibility:
  • Square taper cranks

  • Black

  • Inner ring: 24-38 even increments

  • Outer ring: 38-52 even increments


At least a 10 tooth differential between the inner and outer ring is recommended, with a maximum difference of 22 teeth.

Chainring set weight:
  • 174g-245g

*48t-52t chain rings are manufactured in 6061

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