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Wheel building

Wheel Building


Here at Gran Prix we are very passionate about custom-built wheels and wheel sets. Whether it be for touring, road, mountain or BMX, there is nothing that will transform a bike like a nice, new set of wheels.


Hand-built wheels offer the following benefits:

  • Hand-built wheels do not use proprietry spokes so even if you are away from home, sourcing replacement parts is very easy.

  • Hand-built wheels usually offer better durability to weight ratio than most factory wheel sets

  • Hand-built wheels can be customised to suit your required purpose. Lacing patterns, type of spokes and the number of spokes in a wheel can radically change the way that a wheel will ride and feel.

  • Hand-built wheels are probably cheaper than you think.


Custom wheel building isn't limited to brand new wheels either, you can replace rims, upgrade hubs or even re-build a wheel with a different spoke pattern to change the way a bike rides.


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