ByK E-540 Kids Bike - Geared

As the ByK brand has grown, so has the kids bikes sizes and in 2013 we introduced the E-540 range. As expected on these bigger bikes, the components and build is getting closer to that of what you see in good quality adult bikes but better because ByK are uniquely designed for children. These are not scaled down adult bikes - every single component has been considered, tested, custom sized and tuned to suit our rider's profile.


Features like the super cool SRAM i-Motion 3 speed internal gears with a footbrake on the E-540x3i bikes, and the highly acclaimed SRAM 9 speed cassette gearing system and the incredibly lightweight ByK RGO frame on the E-540x9 bikes, make these bikes stand in a league of their own. The 510MTB also features in this age range with 24 speed gears and race tuned suspension. 


The ultimate kids cyclocross bike allows you to race around the cyclocross track like a pro, and ride to school the next day.

You can even still use it as a road bike as well. With predictive handling, shock absorbing geometry, premium Microshift 16 speed cassette gearing, and the highest safety and stopping power, this is a thoughtfully designed and impeccably safe kids road bike. Just 11kg.


The perfect fit bikes for fast growing kids.


This bike range is for kids able to ride with some developed skills and has reasonable responsibility.


Kids Bike   |   Ages: 7 - 11 years   |   Height: 129 - 160cm