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CLD+ Rear.jpg

CLD Boost Hubs


The CLD+ is White Industries Center Lock Boost hub set. With a 110mm front hub and a 148mm rear hub, this hub set has been built for any off-road condition. When designing this hub White Industries didn’t want to just make slightly longer axle ends to make it work, they wanted to take full advantage of this new axle standard. Stretching the hub shell and equipping high flanges uses the boost standard to build a stronger wheel. With high flanges and a centerlock hub design this hub is light weight, robust and quick rolling.


Like their other hubs the CLD+ is adaptable, being able to use Shimano Hyper Glide, Shimano Micro Spline, SRAM XD/XDR, or even Campy. This has resulted in a hub with the ability to work with almost any drive train set up for your mountain bike.

Made in the USA

Please call or email for pricing.

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