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White Industries Mountain Bike Cranks

Mountain Cranks


The White Industries mountain crankset is a box style crank arm which means functionally the arms are both stiff and solid in construction. The ENO arms are designed with a wider Q factor, which is needed for mountain and cross bikes that are engineered with wider chain stays. The Q factor allows enough clearance between the crank arm and the wider stays designed into the frame of the bike for tyre clearance.


White Industries mountain crank set is unique, and a bit unconventional, in that they offer their crankset as a double rather than a triple. An issue with a traditional triple is there tends to be a lot of unnecessary gear overlap. With the VBC mountain crank, White Industries have eliminated one ring, made the system a little cleaner and less complex while still giving the rider a suitable gearing solution for off-road use.


They offer a wide range of gearing options and the rings can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. The rings are hard black anodized, ramped and pinned. The ENO arms can also be used with mountain and cross bikes for a single speed application. Made in the USA.

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