ByK E-450 Geared Kids Bike


For this age range, all bikes now come with gears. Although a single speed bike is still great for kids, gears will allow them to cover more terrain, ride up bigger hills and simply go further.


We introduced the 3 speed hubs on the E-450 range for kids 5-8 years but its in this bigger age group where we introduce the world class SRAM x8 cassette gears in both the E-450x8 and the new, revolutionary kids mountain bike - the 450MTB.


We have customised each tube to reduce weight and improve handling. Another crucial ingredient to the clever design is the improved control and bump dampening ability of our CRM forks - giving a dramatic advantage in handling and comfort. For the 450MTB, we have designed our off-road compatible rigid forks to be compliant and absorbing yet offer handling characteristics that cater for enthusiastic riders. Some bikes in this age range come with suspension forks but they add a lot of extra weight with very little efficiency, making them harder and therefore less fun to ride.


The best entry-geared bikes on the market for kids. 


This bike range is for kids able to ride with some developed skills and has reasonable responsibility. Ready for handbrakes only. 


E-450 Standard

Kids Bike   |   Ages: 6 - 9 years   |   115 - 145cm